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How To Use This Forum

A place to discuss this forum: suggestions, tech support, tips, forum rules, announcements, etc

How To Use This Forum

Postby GrahamW » Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:08 pm

This is a thread to share hints and tips for how to use the forum. I'll add to this list as I think of and discover new things. Please feel free to post in this thread to share things you have found worth knowing.

Forum Design
I have created 4 forums:
    1. Theory
    2. Current Events
    3. Introductions
    4. Admin
The names are hopefully self-explanatory. If not, there are brief descriptions. When you make a new post, just select which forum you think is most appropriate.

Viewing Threads
I find the easiest way to keep a track of discussions is to click "View Active Topics" from the Board Index page. That lists all threads from all 4 forums, ordered by date of the latest post, the most recent at the top. I have that page as my bookmark. Doing this means you don't have to check each of the 4 forums individually to ensure you haven't missed any threads. They are all in one place.

How To Post Links
To post links:
    1. Type the text you want to be linked to something, then highlight it
    2. Click on the URL button just above the browser window. This adds the URL tags around the highlighted text.
    3. Click between the L of "URL" and the square bracket at the end of the start tag. Type an equals sign, then paste the URL you want the text to link to.

Use Preview
Always use Preview before you Submit, to see how it looks. If it looks weird, check you haven't got unbalanced tags.

Save First
If it's a long post, you may want to copy your text into Word or something, so that just in case the Submit fails, you haven't lost what you wrote. This tip comes from bitter experience!

Learning From Others
If there's anything that you don't know how to do, but you see other people doing, a good tip is to click on the "Quote" button within their post. This creates a reply window which contains all the code they posted, so you can see how they did it.
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Re: How To Use This Forum

Postby GrahamW » Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:10 pm

Here is how you post images.

1. Click on the "Add image to post" link just below the text input box.
2. Select your image, either by pasting the image URL (if already online somewhere) or by browsing to the file on your computer. If it's on your computer, it will be then uploaded to ImageShack when you click Upload.
3. The img tags will automatically be added to the text input box, with the Imagizer URL of the image. Also a URL tag with the ImageShack URL will be wrapped around it so that when the user clicks on the image, they will be taken to ImageShack.
4. For some reason, the picture displays at very low resolution when you do this. The solution is to replace the Imagizer URL in the img tag with the shorter ImageShack URL, which you can copy from the URL tag. I don't know why this is necessary, but it's the only way I can find to get it to work.

Important Note: the picture will display at whatever size the original image is, so if it's a big image, it will be off the edge of the screen. To solve this, I have created a custom tag called image, which always sets the width of the image to 800, which seems like a decent standard size. To use this custom tag, follow the above procedure, but delete the img tag and replace it with the image tag.

Here is a huge picture posted using the img tag:

Here is the same picture posted using the image tag:
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